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Ruby & Raj Engagement Portraits

I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had - Ruby & Raj

Ruby & Raj our couple of the day, their story began back in December of 2019, when they met over a dating app, having both residing in Philly area they grew closer to each other while exploring all the city has to offer on a several unforgettable dates.

As their love grew deeper and stronger, Raj was certain Ruby was his forever partner and proposed to her on the scenic Addison Street in Center City on a beautiful Fall day and Needless to say Ruby said yes.

They can’t wait to celebrate their upcoming wedding in 2022.

About engagement portrait session, after some weather hiccups we managed to schedule on a beautiful day in the foliage season at a beautiful Sayen Gardens in South Jersey, both Ruby & Raj were very operative and adaptive when it comes to posing ideas and creative photographic angles, we managed to photoshoot for about 3 hours on a warm & beautiful day, our effort turned out awesome as you see below the beautiful photographs from our session.

Presenting you beautiful photographs from the engagement portraits session of Ruby & Raj exclusively shot at Sayen Gardens in NJ.

Photographs by Deval Parikh (Dreamline Productions

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